Identification import and export

Identification import and export a file/picture from Mobile phone into a computer

To move file or picture from hp into a our computer need a addition program that is a software may be software must as according to hp we use
For example: if we use hp Motorola so software that used product from Motorola also. And so on Software will regulate all systems exist in hp, as does move, increase a file and or picture from computer to hp and or from hp to computer
If we copy file exist in hp into a computer so file or picture can we change/edit as according to our willing. but if we shall move a file/picture that we are edit/change from computer to hp so compelled file/picture correlating little capacity because memory exist in hp will not equal to memory exist in a computer.
Size memory an hp from ± 1, 3 mb until 10 mb more and memory capacity hp can we add.

• To convert a our ringtoon/song can use a software like sound forge, Nero wav editor, etc
• To convert a our picture can use software like adobe Photoshop, corelphotopaint, etc
• To make a animation to hp we can use software like 3d mark, adobe image ready, corelrave, gif animator, macromediaflash, etc
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